Solar benefit study

Dear everyone,

As I’m trying to use the latest version of ladybug I came across a bit of a difficulty making the algorithm for the massing solar benefit study. Of course as a base I used the example file: Hydra Viewer

Really nice and useful but I noticed that in version 1.3 the logic of separating the harmful and helpful solar radiation is somehow different. I tried to do it with the sunpath but I coudn’t find the select sky matrix component which would enable me to connect the separated data to the radiation analysis.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it so far. Could someone give a suggestion?

Thank you very much in advance!

HI @AdamP ,

The file that comes with the Food4Rhino download gives you a good example of how to create the “benefit/harm” sky that was used in Ladybug Legacy. This is what the new workflow looks like:

You’ll jsut take the resulting output of the LB Construct Matrix component and use that for your radiation study.

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