Solar Chimney project

I am about to do a project with a solar chimney. I found this evaporative cooling tower in hydra… But I am searching a tutorial as well in order to comprehend the complexity of the algoritm does any knows where can I find a good tutorial for it?

Daniel (749.9 KB)

A solar chimney is pretty different from an evaporative cooling tower. If what you are modeling is truly a solar chimney, then you should use the dedicated object for it in EnergyPlus:

It looks like you should be able to add it to the model in the same way that the cooling tower is added with additional strings. You should just input a string that follows the sample that they give in the Input/Output reference there:

    ThermalChimney1,               !- Name of Thermal Chimney System
    ThermalChimneyZone,            !- Name of Thermal Chimney Zone
    ThermalChimneyAvail,           !- Availability Schedule Name
    3.5,                           !- Width of the Absorber Wall
    0.04,                          !- Cross Sectional Area of Air Channel Outlet
    0.8,                           !- Discharge Coefficient
    Zone1,                         !- Zone Name 1
    8.0,                           !- Distance from the Top of the Thermal Chimney to Inlet 1
    0.8,                           !- Relative Ratios of Air Flow Rates Passing through Zone 1
    0.02,                          !- Cross Sectional Areas of Air Channel Inlet 1
    Zone2,                         !- Zone Name 2
    5.0,                           !- Distance from the Top of the Thermal Chimney to Inlet 2
    0.2,                           !- Relative Ratios of Air Flow Rates Passing through Zone 2
    0.02;                          !- Cross Sectional Areas of Air Channel Inlet 2
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Is there any example of a solar chimney algorithm in hydra or a tutorial I can follow? I am still reading the example in the link you gave me but also searching for a bit more easy to understand material.

Hi @chris Finally I got the time to follow the example in EnergyPlus at We first calculated in excel the hight, width, outlet and the air flow volume created by the inlet (this air flow was extracted from the average wind speed from the epw file. The other details were extracted from readEPResults (all shown in the excel file).
After the calculus of the solar chimney, I was asked to prove the effectiveness of such solar chimney either in the interior air temperature, or the results from the PMVcalculator such as PMV or effective temperature. The idea is to prove if the solar chimney is good enough to improve the inner quality.
So I came back to your comment @chris in this conversation.
I did tried to solve the solar chimney with the additional strings as shown at the page … But I just can´t stop having errors and there are no other conversations to follow in the forum… I am quite stuck… Any help or advise would be great!

Find attached:
Rhino model of the restauran building
Grashopper file of the NaturalVentilation, PMV and the try of Solar Chimney
Excel file with the maths of solar chimney´s calculation

Calculus Solar Chimney Terraza San Fernando.xlsx (71.8 KB)
PMV terraza san fernando tasa de aire (965.1 KB)
Terraza San fernando.3dmbak (465.2 KB)

If there’s a specific error that you are experiencing, please open a separate topic about it with a minimum sample that is needed to recreate it. It’s difficult to help cases where the issue is “I’m stuck.”

I understand… I will… Thank you