Solar Irradiance on Panel Surface | Visible or Total solar Irradiance

I’m trying to get the total solar Irradiance on the panel surface around peak afternoon time with a clear sky condition in Mumbai-India.

I’m using the “HB Point in Time Grid Based” recipe for the simulation.
As per my understanding, the solar Irradiance should be in the range of 900-1000 watts/m^2, but I’m getting a maximum of around 500 watts/m^2.

My question is does this component evaluate the Irradiance only for the visible Light?
If yes what can we do to get the total solar irradiance on a surface for a particular time in a day?


The script looks ok, but we can’t see the settings for the CIE sky.

Hi @LittleBuddha ,
Here’s the (103.5 KB)
file if you need it for reference


I dont have a PC available, so will not be able to check your file.

Please share a wider screenshot, and I will have a look.

Hi @LittleBuddha,
Here it is…,


the file sent includes to much stuff, for me to want to try to find what is wrong. And you are using pufferfish, that I dont have installed.

I suggest that

  • try removing the x unit vector from the sky model, it should not be necessary.
  • if that doesnt help, try draving a simple flat surface in rhino, grid that, and run you calculation again.
  • if that doesnt work, internalize the geometry and upload the file again and perhaps someone will look at it.

Sorry, but this is all I can deliver as of now.

Little Buddha.