Solar Radiation Legend Parameters

Hi Mostafa, great tool! Really helpful and I love it.

I am testing Solar radiation on geometry for annual period and also for 4 seasons.

Now when we compare two pictures, one with annual analysis and another with winter period, colors are almost same. Just an amount of radiation kWh/m2 is naturally higher or lower.

What I want to acomplish, is constant legend colors, from 100 - 1200 kWh/m2 for all calculation periods. Maybe with more segments.

Then would I get more blue to yellow coloring of winter period and more yellow to red for Summer.

This way is better for understanding amount of radiation in different periods.

Is it possible now or is it just my wish.



Reply to myself!

Annual solar radiation calculates total radiation in kWh to m2 during a year. What is for Graz 1130 kWh/m2.

That is why I get red color on some places. It is max. radiation in a year.

When I change legend segment to more, 24 for example,then I menage change legend colors but now I always get just blue parts of gradient. Because now during a 3 month period every part of geometry gets no more than 400 kWh/m2.

Conclusion : Wrong Question!!!


Hi Igor. Nice explorations! I usually compare the graphs for periods with similar time length. I would use the same legend for seasonal studies (so they will be comparable) and a different one for the annual.