Solar Radiation Reflection on to a Surface?


Hi All,

I’m interested in doing a quick radiation study on how much solar radiation can be reflected onto a given surface. I’d like to optimise the angle / surface of the reflector to get the most solar radiation onto a collector for the purposes of PV generation.

I’ve had a play with the ‘bounce from surface’ component, but do not fully understand how it can provide the information I am after. I need some means for the raytrace curves to read as intersecting with the ‘collector’ and providing the data associated to the surface (i.e. the origin point recieved X amount of solar radiation throughout the year which is 100% reflected onto this point of the surface).

Example just from the bounce_from_surface file on Hydra, but with a surface i’m keen to evaluate.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @ElzineBraasch, I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly. Do you need to see the rays in an ideal scenario (e.g. %100 reflection)? or you want the realistic values based on realistic materials?

For the first case bounce from surface should do it for you and for the second case you should use radiation study with honeybee.