Solar radiation results (0)?

Hello Everyone,

I am running a solar radiation analysis for a tower building, but I get one color (equal to 0 radiation) for all the tower geometry! I cannot tell what I am doing wrong. Please find attached the script I am using. Any idea???

Please use the testPts and testVec outputs to see the vectors.If they’re facing inwards, flip the analysis geometry.

I’ve checked and they are facing outwards. This is how the visualization is currently looking! It is so weird. It is almost invisible, only the roof is showing as red. Please Find the grasshopper file attached as well.


Solar (423.3 KB)

I suspect you are using Rhino 6. Right? Also suspect you are using one of the earlier version where there was a problem rendering the view like what you describe (kind of burned colors). This issue was already addressed in more recent versions, so please update your version.
BTW, it shows fine on my machine.
For more info, search this forum for “black mesh”.


Yes I was using Rhino 6. It worked better when I used Rhino 5. Thanks!

Is this already solved? I am having the same problems with my analyzis.