Solar Radiation Results based on Faces?

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if there is a suggested workflow/component to visualise solar radiation results based on faces of the geometry?

In other words, when I get the solar radiation results form “Ladybug_Radiation_Analysis” component, how can I know these numbers are referring to which face?

Please find attached a very simple workflow example for a building with 6 faces (box)
Solar Radiation-facade (425.4 KB)

Any idea?
Thanks :blush:

Here you go.
See attached.
Solar Radiation-facade (436.3 KB)

Great! that solves what I was trying to understand, thanks a lot Abraham.
However, in the case I am working on, the complex has 145 faces resulting in 145 branches which will make it quite difficult to use the “Explode_tree” component.
Any suggestions?

Here you go again.
Solar Radiation-facade (434.6 KB)

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Perfect… Thanks for your quick reply!

Hello Abraham,

This solution does not work with the latest LB v 1.5.0
Somehow the Branch Tree component does not work. Any idea how to generate annual radiation results per face/surface (in case one has many surfaces)?

Many thanks

Attached a working version for LBT 1.5.
Pay attention to the Graft and Flatten settings on the inputs.

Solar Radiation-facade (56.5 KB)

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Brilliant!!! Thanks a lot Abraham.