Solar radiation results grasshopper/dynamo

Hi! I tested solar radiation on dynamo and grasshopper. I used the same epw file and oriented façade (1m/1m). Witn ladybug/grasshopper for 31/01 at 10h it is 0.085311kW/m² and with ladybug/dynamo for the same date and hour it is 23.030 wh. Do I need a formula or something to compare the results?

Hi @khaoula, The Dynamo definition that you’re using is outdated.You should use the new release which uses Honeybee for the calculation. Also see this discussion: Radiation analysis horizontal grid

Thanks Mustafa for your assistance
i tried the new version of honeybee, but I still have strange results: solar radiation for 15/01 at 10h is 0.287504
with grasshopper and 449 with Honeybee dynamo

I’m not a user of Dynamo, but i see that in GH the LB_selectSkyMtx is removing the Diffuse radiation.
Can be this what makes the difference?
I assume that Dynamo is giving Wh/m2 and LB kWh/m2.

I want to calculate only direct radiation.
Thanks for responding

As i said, i’m not a Dynamo user. But from the image you uploaded i don’t see that there you remove the diffuse, as you did in GH.