Solar shading control Honeybee 1.4


I am using HoneyBee 1.4 and I need my model to use solar shading when it reaches X value of solar radiation on the facade (windows). I have seen that in previous versions of Honeybee there was a component for it, where a schedule could be programmed, as well as other options that are no longer available in version 1.4. Or maybe I can’t find them. Could someone help me with this?

Fig. 1. Honeybee 0.0.66 component.

Fig. 2. Honeybee 1.4 component.
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Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @cerianipascual,

The schedule can be put in teh window construction shade component.

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Hi @Erikbeeren thank you very much for your help.

I am trying to put some interior curtains on my windows but I am having problems. When I use this configuration Fig. 1, the Lover Shades component asks for depth. If I put the same as the shade material thickness, it gives me an error, as shown in Fig. 2.
The error is: 1. Solution exception:Expected ShadeConstruction. Got <class ‘’>.

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.

I think the problem is not the thickness, it’s something else. Do you have any possible solution? Maybe I should configure the curtains differently?

One other thing, only to clarify, I decided to use a setpoint temperature to control the curtains.

Thank you,