Solar Study Problems

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Grasshopper and Ladybug tool. I need to do a solar study for a house for hosting PV systems.

I was trying to use the lady bug and I followed the tutorials for solar radiation and sun path but for some reason it didn’t work and no results show up. I have attached the file and any help you could provide would be very very highly greatly appreciated :):):).

solar (412 KB)


Attached a working file.

There were a lot of different issues: Connecting wrong outputs to input components, changing names of outputs, rhino file in mm while the dimensions were in meters. But now is working.


HOUSE3DBASEMODEL_AY.3dm (1.76 MB) (419 KB)

Abraham you are the BEST. Thanks so much

Hi Hista,
Just an addition to Abraham’s great reply:
Ladybug has components for direct analysis of PV systems.