Solar temperature adjustor -How can I input the glazing surfaces?-



I’m using the Ladybug’s component, “Ladybug solar temperature adjustor”.
I want to calculate the indoor thermal environment using UTCI.
There is “window transmissivity” item in the input list of the component, but how can I input window geometories?
I think I have to input it to define the indoor area facing to the glazing to calculate the indoor is comfortable or not.


In order to calculate comfort indoors you should rather use either Adaptive Comfort or PMV comfort recipes. UTCI is to be used for outdoor thermal comfort.


… and here’s an example for what @devang is talking about:,0

Best practice for indoor simulations is to run an energy model and use the microclimate maps above. If you want a better understanding of all the operations that happen under the hood of the microclimate maps, this slow but informative example might also be useful:,0