Solar vector discrepancy

@devang @mostapha

Further to this issue, there appears to be a discrepancy between how Ladybug, Revit and NOAA calculate sun vectors.

In Revit you cannot specify a location by defining lat/long - you need to drag and drop a pin. So I am using the existing location in Revit to create a Ladybug location rather than trying to match an epw file.

Then I create views from the sun and enable the sun settings. As you can see, the altitude and azimuth of the sun vector is different.

Using the online NOAA calculator to the precision it will allow, we get this:

I appreciate that this might be a rounding error, but it is enough to ‘see’ shadows when creating views from the sun.

Can this be fixed or are we dealing with rounding issues?

Attached files are Revit 2019 and Drnamo 2.0.3 with the latest Ladybug version (0.2.1?)

Ladybug issue.dyn (94.0 KB) (1.4 MB)