SolarCal component

Hey guys!

In the paper "Wind, Sun, Surface Temperature, and Heat Island: Critical Variables for High-Resolution Outdoor Thermal Comfort" you use SolarCal to calculate a contribution to the final MRT. Is there a SolarCal-GH-component?


@ChristianKongsgaard ,
Yes, there is a specific component that includes the SolarCal model: the Ladybug_Solar Temperature Adjustor, which you can see is used in this example. You can use this component to get a very fine level of control over the inputs to the SolarCal model, including the geometry and orientation of the human body. The SolarCal model is also built into Honeybee microclimate maps by default (see this example). There are some SolarCal inputs exposed on the microclimate map recipes although some default assumptions are made about the geometry of the human body.