Solution exception: Could not find HVAC REGISTRY file

Searched the forum and haven’t seen a similar question posted.

Using Honeybee v1.2.0 components with Rhino 7. Trying to assign DOAS HVAC system to Honeybee rooms.

Before even connecting the Rooms component, the DOAS HVAC component throws the following error:

Solution exception:Could not find file ‘C:\Users\Justin.Lueker\ladybug_tools\resources\standards\honeybee_energy_standards\hvac_registry.json’.

The error persists even after valid inputs are given to the component (room, HVAC system type, vintage, etc) suggesting the issue is not in the inputs but in the DOAS HVAC component itself.

I also have Rhino 6 installed, so wondering if it’s something to do with my Grasshopper file structure being confused between the 2 Rhino versions?

Screenshot below.

Any solutions are greatly appreciated.

Somehow, you have corrupted your installation, possibly by deleting a file at:


I suggest just uninstalling using this file and then re-run the that comes with Food4Rhino.

You could also use the “LB Versioner” component to reset your installation but this isn’t quite as clean as using the