Solution exception:expected string, got NoneType

The installation file comes with a case file, openstudio version number 3.4.0. I don’t understand this problem.
Solution exception:expected string, got NoneType

I would make sure you have the right version of Ladybug Tools.

OpenStudio 3.4.0 is compatible with Ladybug Tools 1.5.0 but your image shows version 1.3.0

Update to version 1.5.0 and this new situation appears

  1. Solution exception:Failed to run OpenStudio CLI:

I am a beginner, think it takes a long time to install software testing bugs

@ZHNGLLXXX Please check the epw file is downloaded or not.

Also, what does the report output say from the [HB Model To OSM component?

That should tell you exactly where the OpenStudio CLI failed.

Hm. It wasn’t even able to run OpenStudio CLI on your machine (it seems the CLI exited without even producing an error log). I recommend just reinstalling using the free pollination single-click installer for Grasshopper:

That will ensure that you have a compatible copy of OpenStudio for the LBT plugin version that you have installed.

I’ve installed it, but I’m still having this problem. rhino6 works perfectly, but rhino7 still fails

Did you RE-install via the pollination single click installer? If you did, this is what your search paths should look like in Rhino 7 when you go to EditPythonScript > Tools > Options


… and I am pretty sure that your issue is caused by something wrong with your search paths in Rhino 7 but not in Rhino 6.

One is the interface display of rhino7, the other is rhino6

Can anyone reply to this question? It is still unresolved.

@chris I’m really depressed that I can’t run in rhino7