Solution exception:index out of range: 0

Hi everyone,

I encounter an error when I launch HB_energyPlus component : the message show “Solution exception:index out of range: 0”. I really don´t know what is the problem with my model, it is a very simple one by the way… I would like next add a downdraft evapoative cooling tower, but next step… Could you please help me to fix this first problem ? It may also be a pb with the installation of the different softwares used …

Thank you in advance for your help !


gh file attached (556 KB)

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Reinsert the HB_setEPNatVent. Your version looks to be “updated” but it isn’t. The component changed the number of input./outputs.

Hi Abraham !

First, thank you for your help !

I did what you mentionned, then I noticed that when I link the HB_addHBGlazing component to the input _HBZones of HB_Set EP Air Flow component the last input deseapper.This may cause the issue…

When I link HB_createHBZone component (without add glazings) to _HBZone input of _HBZone of HB_Set EP Air Flow componen , it works … But when I link HBObjWGLZ output from HB_AddHBGLz component to input _HBZone of HB_Set EP Air Flow component, it still mentions the same error : Solution exception:index out of range: 0.

How should I composed my canvas to keep the glazings ?

Thks in advance !

It should work. Recompute the solution and it probably will work.

In any case, attached the file that is working fine for me.

Took the liberty of using the exportToOpenStudio instead of the runEnergySimulation, since it will fade away in the future.

Also used the concatenate native GH, so you don’t need to write code for the workindDir input.

-A. (629 KB)

Thank you for this improvment ! It does work ! even with glazings.

The point is : we need to re insert the HB_Set EP Air Flow component to the canvas and linked it again each time you open the gh file …

No. Once you reinserted, that’s it. It is a one time thing.

No need to reinsert and link again.


I am getting a similar problem about the model. The error occurs when I introduce interior windows to the model. Do you know the solution?

Thank you in advance! (624.7 KB)

Hi, Orcunkoral.
I also got this problem. Have you solved it? If so, could you please show me how to deal with it?

I also get this problem. Did you solve it? If yes, could you please show me how to do it? Thanks a lot

Same problem here. Does anybody found a solution?

Thank you.

@orcunkoral 's issue with interior windows is the result of putting the addHBGlz component after the solve adjacency component (and our lack of checks for this incorrect ordering in the Legacy plugin). These components should be reversed and then the real error appears:

All of this is exacerbated by the fact that interior window assignment in Legacy was not easy. The process in the new LBT plugin that we released earlier in the month is much better, The LBT energy modeling components are smart enough check when an interior window needs to get added to two adjacent faces.

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Thank you @chris that solved my problem.

Hi! Julio, I’m new here, could you please explain to me how to install the last release of the ladybug tools? I already downloaded the Zip file but I don’t know how to install it in my Grasshopper. Thank you!

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