Solution exception:name '_name_' is not defined + Folder Path not correct

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with Honeybee components in the script I mentioned in another topic. I received the error: “Solution exception:name ‘name’ is not defined”.I looked at different posts here on the forum, similar to my issue, and in all of them basically was suggested to upload the HB and LB tools or upload Openstudio, Radiance and EnergyPlus. I therefore uploaded everything, with EnergyPlus at v. 9.6 and HB+LD now at v. 1.3.0.

The new issue is that I’m actually having problems with OpenStudio, since the software reports that the path (C:\OpenStudio3.3.0) is not valid. I tried also to contact them on unmet hours forum because the installation process didn’t provide the proper OpenStudio software, but only an installer.dat file in the installation folder.

Does anyone know how could I solve the problem? Any help is much appreciated!!