Solution exception: Optional not Initialized

Hi Team,

I had a perfectly working Grasshopper script to conduct parametric energy modelling using Honeybee-Legacy. I wanted to install a plug-in developed by my company but it required upgrading my Rhino version.

  • Previous: 6.33.20343.16431
  • New: 6.35.21222.17000

I decided to upgrade but now any of my scripts seems to work. The following error appears when trying to run : Solution exception: Optional not Initialized (See image attached)

Do you think it is due to the upgrade?
Do you have any solution in mind? I though about transitioning to the new Honeybee and Ladybug plug-ins but it will take me ages due to the complexity and robustness of the current script.

Thanks for the help!

That component was written back before we had a good understanding of OpenStudio’s boost-optional usage.

I highly recommend using the LBT 1.6 plugin for any energy simulation as it’s far more reliable than Legacy and there’s support for many more energy modeling features in LBT than Legacy.