Solution exception:'str' object has no attribute 'name'

Hello, I am trying to work through a simple exercise but I have hit a roadblock; I am able to run the attached IDF simulation in energyplus, but when I try to replicate it through Honeybee, so that I can output some graphs, I receive the above error. I am very new to both programs, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Project base case.idf (21.7 KB)
assignment (65.4 KB)

Hi Guy, This seems to be an issue with importIdf component but why don’t you just create the geometry inside Grasshopper? Is there any specific reason for that? When you import an idf except for the geometry and the material rest of the data won’t be imported.

The error is happening because “Outside Boundary Condition Object” is empty inside the idf file.

We can get this fixed but do you really need to import an idf file instead of creating it inside Rhino?

Thanks for the reply Mostapha. There is no specific reason for not creating the geometry in grasshopper; I was hoping to be able to import the elements I had already created in eplus and modify them in grasshopper, but I will try to recreate them instead.