Solution Exception:Windows Error in Honeybee

Hi !

I’m trying to simulate my building energy balance with Honeybee and Energyplus/openstudio, but I always get this error (even in other simulations like green roof) :
Solution Exception:Windows Error in Honeybee

it happens for all simulations which using energyplus/openstudio.

Does anybody know what’s the solution?

it refers to installing the softwares (openstudio/energyplus)?

Tnx :slight_smile:


I had a similar problem when I downloaded OpenStudio latest version V-2.2. I downloaded a previous version V-1.2 of OpenStudio and it worked fine afterwards.

I hope this helps!


Hosna and Ladan,

This is happening because the version of OpenSrudio from February was only built to work with OpenStudio 1.x. The most recent version of the components works with OpenSrudio 2.x. we’re having another stable release within the next couple of days. If you reinstall the components from food4rhino after this, you’ll be able to use OS 2.x


Dear Ladan and Chris

I downloaded the old Energyplus and now it works fine.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

hello, I had the similar problem and it still exsit after I install the latest version of openstudio and energyplus. I really have no idea what can I do. Do you have any advice?

Try to update the file with the latest from github?