Solution exeption:’NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘name’

Hi guys,
I am trying to do a simpley energy performance simulation, but there is an error said: Solution exeption:’NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘name’.

Here is what I did before:

  1. I tried to update to the new version which released several days ago, but the error still exist.
  2. I run the same model on two different computers, same error happened. BUT it runs ok on my friend’s computer. :rofl:
  3. My building is one atrium and four surroundings, when I only simulate them separately, everything is fine. The error only happen when I connect the atrium and surroundings.
  4. I tried to creat the HB zone by surface and by simple brep, not helpful.

I have checked every component and I believe there should be something wrong between HB_solve adjacencies and HB_run energy simulation, so I simplify the program to only the basic component, upload here
energy simulation error (NoneType object has no attribute name).gh (570.1 KB)

Does anyone know what should I do next? The deadline is close and I don’t have too much time now.

@Yang Your grasshooper file run nice on my computer. Maybe the units of your rhino file is millimeter. You should changed to meter as units.

Hi @minggangyin,
Thank you!
I’ve double checked the unit. I am sure it is in meter.
Yes, I understand it is so strange, the program also runs fine on my friend’s computer. But both of my desktop and laptop can not run it, I believe there should be a same reason.

Thanks for your help!