Solve adjacencies - atrium and attic

Hi All,
I am trying to build an energy model of a residential atrium that extends through a hipped roof attic space. i have modelled it a bunch of different ways, but mass2zones and solve adjancies keeps inserting an interior floor within then atrium as part of its attic zone. Any suggestions?

Hi @brahamw, Are you trying to model them as two separate zones with an airwall/ interior window between them or are you trying to model it all as a single zone and remove that surface?

Hi @mostapha! I am trying to model them as two separate zones, with the atrium pushing up to a skylight and surrounded by the attic (you know the space…). I have just been concluding that I need decompose the surfaces and simply make that troublesome surface an air barrier, but it is a lot of surfaces. Does that sound right?

@mostapha, modelled it again a couple different ways and to it to work. still not clear what was confusing it, but seems to have been some non-adjancency. thanks