Solve Adjacencies Component - preserving adjacencies?

Hi guys,
I think Honeybee Solve Adjacencies Component is not working as intended? It never preserves the adjacencies -regardless of the Boolean input

Can you please let me know if this is a bug or am I missing something?
Also I altered a line of code (compare attached screenshot) and it’s working now as I would expect it to but am not sure if that’s enough. Please let me know.

The solve adjacencies should be work fine.
Question: From your image, why you need to have this twice? What you expect to receive from the second time you apply the component? Seems to me unnecesary.

  1. Well try it out for yourself.
  2. I guess it’s an accepted way of “mixing” various alternative EP constructions as suggested in this tutorial:
    If i’m wrong and this is no longer the case - let me know ( in that case however what do you need “removeCurrentAdjc_” button for?

What are you doing in the second that you are not doing in the first already? If you were showing that the second is having other zones that you want to solve the adjacencies with those from the first i can understand (for instance one floor with another floor). But this is not the case.

That’s precisely what I was doing. But what you saw in the previous screenshot was just a test - after establishing that something was wrong I referred to the simplest case possible. Please understand it this way. I would have posted a .gh file but the forum doesn’t let new users do that. Anyhow - in my humble opinion this is a tiny little bug and I think ladybug tools team would wanna have a look at this.
After I changed python code a little bit it is working as expected - see the screenshot.
Thanks for your help!