Solve Adjacencies Issue

Hi all,

I’m working on a preliminary massing analysis for an architect and running into some issues with the Solve Adjacencies tool. The masses in Rhino are shown here:

When I use the solve adjacencies tool and do a quick visualization of the surface BCs, these are the only surfaces that show up:

The outdoors BCs seems to include some of what should be interior walls:

I double checked a couple of rooms (see gh file) to make sure that their vertices were lined up, and there didn’t appear to be any issues, but they still had outdoor BCs on the wall between them. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Rhino 6.34
Grasshopper 1.0
LBT 1.1.1
columbus (144.9 KB)

Hi @jroth93,

You forgot the HB intersect solids. This is used to split up surfaces so each surface of a room maches with the surface of the adjencent room.



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Additionally, at least for me, the 1.1 plugin has problems with concave shapes, so I would test first in legacy if everything works. If it works in legacy but does not in 1.1 (I had that a few times) then you need to simplify the shapes

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Wow, yep, that was it! I thought I had tried that already, but apparently I didn’t set it up correctly. Thanks Erik!