Solve Adjacencies problems


guys. I’m a new beginner for grasshopper. I tried to follow the youtube tutorial considering honeybee modelling, but when I use adjacency solving I found it could not split the walls overlapped.

here is the photo I checked for outdoor walls and surfaces(interior walls):

I’m trying to read the processing , and I found it was not like Boolean calculation. Can anyone tell me what’s the problem? Or should I remake the model in a specific way ?

thank u .

I upload the gh files.

testified (484 KB)

hi, it’s me again, I fixed it up by modifying a little on the rhino models. The component can not split the surface so we have to prepare it on rhino modeling. Now I reupload the files so someone who have the same problem can know what happens.

I read the processing to know that u use “Bang” to explode all the surfaces. Then I’m wondering if it works when just use rhino Boolean calculation split the surfaces, so maybe we don’t have to split the overlapped surfaces manually every time, especially when dealing with complicated models. I’m trying on it but maybe I’m wrong. After splitting we also have to combine each unit blocks rather than combine them together. If u know anything please teach me.

Thank u very much :slight_smile:

testified (484 KB)

Hi Chryl,

Thanks for sharing the model. The best practice is to take care of the model in Rhino but you can also try splitMasses component.

I’m not sure if I understand your question about the bang component.


Hello Mostapha,

Thank u ! That works, and I found a component called “honeybee_Intersect Masses”