Solve Adjacencies


I’m having issues with the solve adjacency function. In connecting multiple zones together, the zone programs get switched and not all interior walls become interior walls. Grafting vs flattening does change things a bit, but it doesn’t seem work with the common convention.

Any ideas/suggestions on plugging multiple zones into the solve adjacency function?

Hi Kyle, Did you split the faces before solving adjacency? I can’t really say what is causing the issue w/o checking the model. -Mostapha

I did not split the surface, but the file is attached. Thanks for taking a look. (686 KB)

All zones need to be plugged into the solve adjacency component

Hi Kyle, For energy modeling you need to subdivide surface to sub-surfaces. Honeybee has a component that helps you with that however you can do similar operations using Grasshopper native components.

Check the attached file for a slightly modified file. I connected 2 zones so you can see how it works. Do NOT graft the zones randomly. you want all the zones to go through solveAdjacency in the same branch.

Mostapha (970 KB)


I got it figured out, thanks for the help. I must also thank you for making your work available to all. We’re doing a net zero studio project this semester, and ladybug + honeybee has been integral to every step.


I’ve run into another problem. There must be something wrong with the way I’ve named or assigned zones and programs because I get a few errors. I’ve attached the file.

  1. First, I have to change Midrise Apartments to something similar (like Small Hotel) because I get an error before the EnergyPlus run.

  2. I get a number of “severe” errors which I have listed below.

    • the IDF file address output results in "Solution exception: None type object has no attribute keys

    • the “out” results in "IDF line 788 Invalid Number in Numeric Field #1 (Direction of Relative North), value=z52, in ZONE = z51

    • IDF lines 769 Invalid Number in Numeric Field #1 (View Factor to Ground value = NOWIND, in BUILDINGSURFACE: DETAILED=Z1_SRF_5

Thanks again for the patience with such amateur questions. (686 KB)

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for the kind comments. We are so happy to hear that and looking forward for your feedback.

The issue with residential units is known. Some of the schedules are assigned to none in OpenStudio and should be solved once we update the schedules. I saw that you posted another discussion for the same issue. I will check your file and reply there.