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I am trying to build a residencial building diferenciating the core from the apartment areas, I’ve drawn the geometry in many different ways and multiple times but I can get the Solve adjacencies to work properly and identify all the interior walls. I assume it is a geometry problem but I even draw from points to make sure the corners matched and still nothing.

Any suggestions? The gh file is attached.

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Blanca (511 KB)

I can’t check your file now but my best guess is that you’re creating zones with similar names. Make sure zone names are not replicated.

I think I lied! I just checked and that was the case. Check the attached file. (523 KB)

Thank you for your fast replay Mostapha, unfortunately it is still not fully working for me.

I did tha same with the core zone but that didn’t change anything (the walls were the same when I opened your file).

Also, I get this for different components everytime I open a file, not sure if it has anything to do with it or it is just bc it hasn’t update the components yet at that time.


Sometimes, you might need to play around with the tolerance on the solveAdjacencies component and I was able to fix your case this way. I am not sure if this is the underlying reason of your case but the tolerance is particularly important if the tolerance of your current Rhino document is different than that which originally created the geometry internalized in the GH file. The file attached should work for you:

-Chris (508 KB)

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your input. By changeing the tolerance in the component HB now identifies all interior walls, the problem is that when I run an energy simulation E+ (daylight seems to be working fine) doesnt seem to find the adjacent surfaces? (gh file attached)

Not sure if the problem is still in the adjacencies component.

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Blanca (618 KB)


You had half of the zones not connected to the component. After you solve adjacency you need to run the analysis for all the zones.

Mostapha (631 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

thanks for catching that, I’ve been trying so many different things that I end up missing the simplest. Still it is giving a severe error, though it is giving results, not sure how much does this error affect the results.



This is because your Zone is non-convex and EnergyPlus has limitation in calculating energy simulation for non-convex geometries. See this discussion:…


The easy way to make the CHKBKS error go away is to use the EP Sim parameters component to set the simulation to run ExteriorWithReflections like so:

This will have E+ use a simplified model for interior solar distribution (all beam solar will go directly into the floor and the diffuse solar will be distributed by view-factor to the different surfaces). While this is a big simplification, it will be more accurate than running the model with a faulty set of interior reflections.


Thank you both so much!