Solve adjacency doesn't work!

Hi - I am trying to build an energy model for an airport. When I pass HB Zones through solve adjacency component, for some reason some external walls are assumed internal!

  • img1: GH script to read masses based on surface
  • img2: Rhino model (no script applied)
  • img3: Rhino model based on HB surfaces
  • I also attached the GH file for this specific part of the massing

Not sure why it’s reading an obvious external surface and internal! This happens throughout the whole file but I just attached this part so things don’t seem messy!

I would highly appreciate your suggestions
Thanks - Salah

Decompose Massing (490.4 KB)

You need to make sure that you have matching interior geometries on both of the adjacent surfaces of the two adjacent zones before you solve adjacencies.

  1. Use Honeybee_IntersectMasses of your geometries
  2. Creating the zones
  3. Then, try to solve adjacencies.

Thanks a lot @OmidmRashidi - The Honeybee_IntersectMasses works for most part. Some intersections are between Double height and single geight spaces, HB seems to have a problem with that! Still assuming parts of it as external.Your suggestion makes things easier tho!
Thanks a lot

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I also have the same issue. “Intersect masses” kind of solved some parts but it still perceives some edges as exterior walls although they are interior ones. It does that when different zones have adjacent surfaces. Have you found any solution to that?

HB Intersect Solids (latest version) works