Solve adjacency during optimization

Hi All
I am having a problem with solving adjacency during optimization. If I place two identical boxes above each others and then I start increasing the size of the lower box in the x and y direction, the ceiling surface still reads as a whole one indoor surface it does not understand that part of the ceiling became exposed to the outdoor. Hope you could help me with that.
thank you

Hi, @Amany.khalil
According to your descripition, I can not understand your problem. Please upload some screeshot or your rhino file or your grasshooper definition.

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Do you intersect the geometries before creating the zones?

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Thank you Mostapha. I used the Honey-Bee intersect masses component and the problem was solved. But the two words “No sun” and "Sun exposed " appears in the exposed surface when I increase the projected length. Attached are the two photos. I just want to ask if this means the program reads the exact exposed surface area or there is still a problem?