Solve adjacency "Solution exception" tolerance problem


When I plug two of the HB zones in my model without glazing to the “solve adjacency” component there is no error message. If I put a glazing based on ratio component in between the two components, the “solve adjacency” component gives an error:

1. Solution exception: Existing_design–West–02_OpenOffice_1_South has been moved, scaled or rotated.
If you need to move or rotate a Honeybee object you should use Honeybee move, rotate or mirror components. You can find them under 12|WIP tab.

There is no any transformation applied in between other than the glazing based on ratio component. All outputs are closed brep. This applies to two zones only, it is working fine with the rest of the model.

Any comment is much appreciated. Thanks.


The problem was related with the document tolerances. Changed from 0.01 to 0.02 and it works now.