Solve Adjacency-Windows

Dear all,
I’m trying to run an Energy simulation on a residential building. I have encontered some issues on Hb intersect masses and after the solve adjacency comand:

1. Failed to intersect correctly. Some output geometry may not be intersected.

1. Number of windows doesn’t match between zone_125_Srf_4 and zone_122_Srf_2. Make sure adjacent surfaces are divided correctly and have similar windows.

I would like to upload my Grasshopper definition but the forum didn’t allow me to do it.

Welcome to the discourse @Andrea_Tale.
You can provide a link to the file in the meantime.
-A. (898.5 KB)

This is my grasshopper definition, Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately this is a problem you need to deal with yourself. I’ll try to explain.
The problem is in your modeling, and this is the part you need to deal with. As you can see in the figure below, your zones are closed before you assign the openings and some of them are open after that. All zones MUST be closed at any time.

This issue has been discused in the past, so you can search for it. Basically the windows are not coplanar with the wall surfaces containing them (even though they seem to be). This can be caused because a tolerance setting.
Identify the zones/surfaces and windows with the problem and see how you can improve your modeling so the windows will be fully coplanar with the walls. I also suggest to solve those spaces individually instead the whole model. Once you solved them you can put all of them together again (will be faster for you to debug, this way).


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I had a similar issue but even though my windows are coplanar, the surface facing inwards still have windows on them when they should be defined as inner walls.