[solved] "color zone by EP results" component doesn't shown the variable name below the legend

Following Chris’ tutorial 7 on HB energy modeling, I can get the “color zone by EP results” component running (image 1), but the text caption below the color legend bar is not shown like what is shown in Chris’ tutorial (image2).

The black wireframe preview of the zones is not working, either…

Am I missing sth here?


Image 1:

Image 2

ZJ_v005.gh (551 KB)

Ok, I figured it out: I should turn on the preview of the “color zone by EP results” component.

ok, correct myself:

the preview of the “color zone by EP results” component can be turned off

the “analysisTitle” output node should be connected to the preview component

You can preview either from the component or using the preview component. T

Also thank you for changing the name of the discussion. This can be actually a great approach to do it for all the discussions.

Thanks, Mostapha!