[SOLVED] LB Incident Radiation not working (legend_par not defined)

LB Incident Radiation not working Error “1.Solution Exception:name ‘legend_par_’ is not defined”

I am having issues with my script, weirdly the script worked yesterday but today i get an error I can’t seem to figure out


Link to screenshot of the working script yesterday and the new error although the script has stayed the same

Link to file as i cannot send attachments as a new user


I tried looking on the from for a similar issue but cannot figure it out
Only thing i can think of is it’s because of a new rhino 7 update ?

Hi Falconloverslover,

This error message means that this component asked for the definition of the Legend setting, but it failed to find it.
I checked your screenshot, and found that your component lost an input ‘legend_par_’. Please check the second image attached below - that’s a normal HB incident radiation component; you will see the difference from the first one. You may accidentally delete this input.

The only thing you need to do is to add a new component of ‘HB IncidentRadiation.’ Then, re-wire it. It should fix the problem.



And welcome to the LB community! :laughing:

Wow thank you soo much @ljwssdsw

I can’t believe i missed this! i was soo confused as to what went wrong, but hey sometimes you miss the obvious solution right under your nose!

Thank you LB Community! i can’t wait to grow further with you all!

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