[solved] Reorder Surfaces Created from Diffuse and Direct Radiation

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of modeling a diurnal averages chart. The elements are all there, I am just struggling with the graphic aspects.
I would like that the dry bulb, wet bulb, and global radiation to remain displayed as lines, but I would like that the direct and diffuse radiation to be displayed as solid fills. I have managed to create the fills as surfaces, but the diffuse radiation is covered by direct radiation surface. I’m not sure if this is a ladybug or grasshopper question, but is there a way to reorder the surfaces?

Also, if anyone can suggest a better and simplified solution to filling the direct and diffuse solar radiation that would also be great. Eventually, I would like to get rid of the lines for these two and just keep the solid fills.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Update1: I received feedback in the rhino forum. As far as reordering surfaces, this has been solved by shifting the surface in the z-dimension. For anyone interested, here’s a link to the post: