Some EPW file give too low radaition in LB+HB (with files this time)

Dear all,

I have noticed that the radiation simulated with some weather data in the LB(0.0.069)+HB(0.0.066) too low. This is also confirmed by another irradiance software: BIMSolar.

In fact, if I use the weather files downloaded from epwmap, the irradiance results are similar with the two tools: LB+HB and BIMSolar. So everything is ok.

As on this site, I cannot find weather data for some of my projects in other cities, so I choose to use the weather data on PVgis : JRC Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) - European Commission
PVgis sites have the most complete weather data coverage, this data is largely used in Europe and Africa.

There is the problem: if I use the epw weather files downloaded from PVgis, the results are really bizarre: the radiation is always too much lower than the normal results.

Regrding the global horizontal of each weather data, I do think the radiation results are too low on the tested surfaces.

Here is the comparative synthesis table:Sythesis

Here are the attached GH files and the PVgis weather data.
Thank you very much for your help!

Radiation (1.2 MB)