Some issues with HB annual glare analysis

Hallo dear community,

unfortunately I have some problems and questions about the Glare Annual Analysis.

My Issues:

  • the Output “Annual_Analysis_File” from “runDaylightAnalysis” is empty (I wanted to connect with the ReadAnnualResult) after the annual Daylight Simulation.
    The TestPoint in the output is not the same as my real TestPoint.

  • The output “view directions” from “ImportDGP” is not congruent with the “RhinoViewsName” or with the “ptsVectors” from “AnnualDaylightSimulation”.
    There is a way to verify that the component simulates the right view, like the HDR Image?

My Question:

  • I want to create/generate a annual glare analysis (and the resulting diagram) with a custom schedules.
    The only way to do this, is to connect the “occupancyGenerator” with the “ReadAnnualResult_I” component or is there another method?

  • is possible to extrapolated individually the legend out from the Glare analysis (Point in time) HDR --> Image_Viewer?

Hier the attached files: (557.9 KB)
Internalised.3dm (569.3 KB) (with the RhinoViews)


  • I have disconnected the “_AnalsysRecipe” from the GH file, so the simulation does not start on opening.
  • the components are all up to date;
  • I only used Honeybee components;

I sincerely hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance and I wish you an excellent 2020.

Hallo Gaetano,

to be able to create the annual analysis file (.ill file), you have to set “false” to the _onlyRunGlareAnalysis input into the DSParameters componenent (see the image).
As you will see, the .Ill File has been generated, and the test points will now also be the same.

but I don´t understand why after the simulation, out the dgpProfile, there is no value, to generate the diagram with the 3dChart, with the custom schedule.
Maybe @devang is kind enough, to help you.

Attached the updates of your files:
Internalised.3dm (694.6 KB) (755.9 KB)

About to create the legend for the Glare Analysis, you can try this process.
Attention, the legends are not comparative at the moment, but you can edit it through the “customcolor” input!!! (555.8 KB)

many greetings,
S. W.