Some of the components of ladybug don't exist in the toolbar

hi every one
I recently have downloaded ladybug and installed it, but unfortunately, some of the components don’t exist in the ladybug toolbar, for example, I don’t have ladybug_epw or ladybug_outdoor comfort calculator, ladybug separate data and some other components, anyone knows what’s the problem with that?
btw I installed the latest version of ladybug

Hello @farzane.eskandarii, It appears that you’re missing an avatar! Please set it up in your profile! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Did you restart Rhino after the installation?

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yes I did !
I really don’t know why it doesn’t work !!

Check the UserObjects folder and see if all the userobjects are copied. If yes close Rhino and Grasshopper. Re-run Rhino and then run Grasshopper.

yep, some of the user objects weren’t in the folder, I overwrite all of them
it works fine now, Thank you

Great! Please update your profile picture as suggested by admin. Thanks.