Some suggestions for Butterfly Development from a Chinese user

Hi,dear Ladybug Tools developer and users.
During my usage of Butterfly, I have two suggestion for Butterfly development。

1. Adding heat flux boundary

In order to better complete the simulation of indoor air distribution. When Fluent, Star-CCM+ and other software were used, the heat flux of thermal envelope was used as the input boundary. These data can be extracted through Honeybee energy consumption results. At present butterfly does not provide boundary conditions for heat flux. I would like to add this feature later in development.

2.Adding radiation models

Radiative heat transfer is an indispensable factor whether we are doing outdoor thermal environment simulation or indoor thermal environment simulation. Therefore, this must be emphasized in CFD simulation. Normally, for software such as Fluent, Star-CCM+ , we would choose DO model or Surface to Surface model. But the current butterfly doesn’t seem to have a radiation model.


Hi @minggangyin,

These are great suggestions and we indeed need to add them to Butterfly. As I have mentioned before I have failed to support the development of Butterfly in favor of Honeybee[+] and other on-going projects. Once I get a chance to get back to the development of Butterfly they are on top of the list.

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@mostapha Thanks for your reply. I will pay more attention for Butterfly updating.

Suggestion 3
We know snappyHexMesh is not suitable for complex geometry. Below is two screenshot for snappyHexMesh.It showed some irregular mesh on planar surface. So I strongly suggest Buttterfly would use cfMesh instead of snappyHexMesh.

snappyHexMesh example: