Some unknow issue with LB_HB

Hi all

I am experiencing some unknown issue with honeybee. After I updated the whole script manually I ran into a message “1. Solution exception:honeybee_ExtraConstrProps”

In the report it says:

Current document units is in Meters
Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
[1 of 8] Writing simulation parameters…
Can’t find ddy file next to the EPW.
Extreme values from the weather file design will be used instead.
[2 of 8] No context surfaces…
[3 of 8] Writing geometry…
[4 of 8] Writing Electric Load Center - Generator specifications …
[5 of 8] Writing materials and constructions…
Runtime error (KeyNotFoundException): honeybee_ExtraConstrProps
line 2152, in main, “<string>”
line 2364, in script

In order to solve it, I followed the topic below:…

In my case I only ran into further troubles with IDF file and some message about missing ControlProgram in Objects.

I am uploading the gh file for you to see. PLS help me, I ran out of ideas. (700 KB)


For your case you need to update/reinsert the runEnergySimulation component.

There were changes lately that addressed many issues mainly related to the coordination to OpenStudio.

Be aware that this component will be faced out so it will be better to use the exportToOpenStudio instead, providing that you install also OpenStudio.


omg, I was so frustrated that I forgot to do the obvious things first… I will look into OpenStudio feature soon. Thank you for you prompt response, appreciate :wink: