Something wrong with apertures/doors

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I got this problem and I don’t know what’s wrong with my apertures and doors when I put them in the “model” component and start the OS simulation. Any advice?
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Images reference of the error at:

Hi @Rhynoxas ,

Energy simulations with OpenStudio do not accept “orphaned” apertures and doors. That is, apertures or doors that are not assigned to any parent Room. If you were to click on the red balloon of the erroring component, it would give you a message explaining this.

So disconnect your Apertures and Doors from the HB Model component and make sure you are using the HB Add Subface component to assign your Apertures and Doors to your Rooms.

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Hi @chris ,

I used these components as you can see at link I’ve attached… I don’t know why this error persist and another problem is given by the HB Add Shade component with many and many “Duplicate name found for object of type Shading:Building:Detailed named Overhangs_x_xxxx. Overwriting existing object” till to the fatal conclusion in the HB Annual Loads. But if I simply link the HB Shade with its geometries to the same component, in shades_ input, it works correctly… and I bet that’s not the same result like the the first.