South facing surfaces


I’m doing a sunlight hours analysis on a group of buildings and am interested specifically in their south facing facades. If anyone can tell me what is the best way to select surfaces according to the direction they are facing it would be greatly appreciated.


You can check the angle between normal of the surfaces and south vector. Here is an example.

find south facing (18.7 KB)

worked perfectly, thanks for the quick reply!

You’re a guru Mostapha very useful thankyou!

Could this be in any way useful for a low-CPU-load process of finding the visible surface(s) of buildings to one particular building? I have made a definition but I think it’s not the best way to do it and it’s also buggy.

Check the view analysis component.

Hi @mostapha and @chris,
I opened an issue regarding this discussion.

Just to update this discussion.
One new component has been added to LB Extra tab: separate By Normal.
It will allow users to select surfaces based on their orientation allowing also to define a margin angle from this orientation.
The component is an improvement to the HB_separate By Normal component (that maybe be eliminated …).
Update from github.


Hi @AbrahamYezioro

Do you know if this component made it through to v1.1.0? I’m still struggling to find it.


I believe it doesn’t (yet).