Spatial Daylight Autonomy with the latest HB components

Hi, I’m trying to move to the new version of HB and I’m in the process of creating a Spatial Daylight Autonomy script with the new components. I ended up in a dead-end when the Annual Daylight component turned red, as I cannot really understand what could be wrong. Maybe someone could have a look at this script and let me know if something in the construction sequence went missing or does not make sense, as everything seems to work way different compared to old versions (0.65) of HB, LB…
any comment will be welcome! thanks

It will be good it you upload your file. More easy to debug the file itself.

I think it’s possible that you’re experiencing the same issue here. Let us know if the solution that @seghier posted there solves your issue.

Thanks @chris. In the end, we found it was a simple issue. Just by installing the latest Radiance version from 2021, it worked! :smiley:

Ah, that’s a relief to know it wasn’t an encoding error. I guess the very old versions of Radiance used to report their version differently (the part that was failing was the Radiance version check). Could you let me know which version of Radiance you had installed before you installed the latest one from 2021?

If I have that, I’m pretty sure that I can make the error message for this case a lot more helpful.

Hi, @chris the latest Radiance version, where can I download? From Radiance site?
Thank you

Look here at the compatibility matrix.