Spatial Direct Sun Studies with Fritted Glass

Chris…or anyone else!

I am a patreon member and watched your video regarding Spatial Direct Sun Studies. I have a project where I would like to do some testing and they plan to use fritted glass. You mentioned this as a way you made your lobby project become more suitable for sun glare. How did you do the test with the characteristics of fritted glass?

Thanks! Great Stuff!


Fritted Glass ,really is something fascinating, and yet very complex

I think the path is a BSDF simulation, which I’m trying to learn more about, The closest I came was these links and this python file produced by our friend sarith, I hope that in some way they can be useful and that lead you on the right path

there is still an article made by Mostapha (22.2 KB)

there is something in the LBNL programs like the Window

optical-model-fritted-glazing.pdf (404.8 KB)


Thank you both for responding…took me while to get to this, but hopefully I can work out a workflow!

I used to use the glaze script often in native linux-based Radiance… I no longer use native Radiance and do all of my simulations in Honeybee.

I see the python file above - which looks like it might be what I am looking for - but admittedly have no idea what to do with it. Could anyone provide any guidance on how to use this file to access the glaze script?

Thanks! M