Specifying HVAC usage via HVAC Availability Schedule vs. SetPoint Schedule

I want to tell Honeybee exactly at what times to switch on the AC.

I first tried to do this by creating an availability schedule, which I hooked up to all the HVAC details components:

This doesn’t seem to work; the (dummy) schedule I created above alternates between “on” and “off” on a daily rhythm, but this is not reflected in the results:

Alternatively, I tried creating a set point schedule, which in this case alternates between 22°C (=“on”) and 100°C (=“off”) on a daily basis:

This seems to be working, since as expected there is no cooling energy on every other day:

Can someone (maybe @chris or @mostapha) please explain what the decision hierarchy is between set point schedules and availability schedules, and why in the first case the availability schedule isn’t doing anything?

I also see that in the second case, there seems to consistently be a sudden increase in cooling at 8am. This is not due to occupancy, since if I set a constant occupancy schedule this cooling pattern remains. I am wondering if there is a cooling setback being defined somewhere in the background, and if so, how I overwrite it?
Availability vs SetPoints.gh (702.4 KB)

I just realised that I needed to set the units to “Dimensionless” instead of “Temperature” in the first case:

If I then also specify a constant setpoint temperature, the results are virtually the same:

Anyway, thank you - Me - for answering my own silly question :smiley: