Spectral glazing definition

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to specify spectral glazing properties in LBT. I tried adding it to user_library.idf but it looks like only SpectralAverage is supported. In the legacy version I managed to do it using the userCustomEPLibrary where I added both glazing and spectral properties. But this doesn’t seems to work anymore.
Is there an other way to do like, importing a raw idf file into Ladybug?
Thanks a lot for any help or advice.

Can you please share an image or a sample file of what you’re trying to do?

What I’m trying to do is use the spectral properties of a glazing system, like the one exported by Window7 in LBT. Here is an example of such an idf file from Window with spectral properties GlazingSpectral.idf (36.7 KB)
What I tried is to copy the content into the user_library.idf in C:\Users***\ladybug_tools\resources\standards\honeybee_standards\constructions
But when I do that an try to import it into LBT I get the following error

Do you know a way around this?

Thank you!

Hi @TanguyTim, did you manage to resolve this? I am also interested in using spectral properties for glass. Thanks.

Hi @IasonBournas, so far I couldn’t find a way to solve this in the latest version of the LBT. In the legacy version of the plugin I was able to do it by modifying the “userCustomEPLibrary.idf” in C:\ladybug. By manually copying the specral data in this IDF file. But it seems that this doesn’t work with the latest version anymore. Therefore I’m currently sticking to spectral average values.

Hi @TanguyT ,

thanks for the info, I will dig deeper to see how to achieve this. Best!