Spectrum of Radiance simulation using Ladybug and Honeybee (Which wavelengths are simulated for?)

Dear all,

I’ve been working on a solar altitude dependant conversion factor between irradiance in watt pr. m2 and photosynthetically photon flux density in micromoles pr. m2 pr. s.

In order to find the correct conversion factor I need to know the radiation spectrum used by Radiance.
I’m using both Ladybug and Honeybee[+] to do analysis, but I assume that the Radiance computations use the same spectrum. I assume the radiation spectrum goes beyond the visible spectrum, but how much? My estimate is that it goes from 280-4000 nm. Though I can’t seem to find any information of the topic on Radiance’s page.

I hope that some of you have some insight you would like to share would me.

/Lasse Korsholm

You should post this question to the Radiance forum:

Topic has been reposted on Radiance discourse:

Thanks Mostapha,

I posted the the question on Radiance and got some answers. I still think you can help me though.

I’m using Honeybee[+]'s skyMatrix and annualRadRecipe to do an annual radiation analysis. Is it correct that these are using the Radiance’s gendaylit? If this is so, then I assume it gives the input “O1” to gendaylit in order to compute radiation of the full solar spectrum.