Speed experiment for large models - by the Spider gbXML Viewer - new discovery

We are happy to share new interesting discovery!
Problem was how to deal with large models above 4000 spaces… :thinking:

New Text approach approach is in action and huge models are not issue any more…
In fact it is slower to load 10MB .gif then load 7000 spaces, 555MB gbXML file into experimental Spider gbXML Text Viewer… potential is amazing!!! :rocket:


Please let us know what do you think… :slight_smile:

your spider team
@TheoA @MichalDengusiak

Nice job! What was the new text-parsing approach that made the difference?

Damn, doesn’t work with one of my files, but as fast as advertised for my two other ones! FYI it’s my gbXML generated from IES that is giving issues, OpenStudio generated one seem to be working fine for me.


Thank you for your speedy look.

If you send us an IES gbXML file, we can probably make it work.



What was the new text-parsing approach that made the difference?

Previous versions of the viewer use the browser to decode text into XML then convert the XML to JSON.

The new version just reads the text and 'regex’es everything. Also it display a lot less detail on first view.

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Is there a way to send it privately to you?


send files to: t.armour@gmail.com


Thank you for sending me the sample file that did not work for you.

I think it is working but nothing is visible upon loading.

In that release, I set the default onload visibility for surfaces to exposedToSun=True. Well, in the file you sent there are no ex[osedToSun attributes - so nothing is visible.

R8 should be out in the next day or so - and other surface visibility defaults will be set up - plus a bunch more new features targeted toward fast viewing of very large gbXML files.

Thanks @Theo for debugging that. Looking forward to R8