Spider / COVID-19 Viz 3D + Iframes in posts

Support for <iframes> in posts in this forum is now enabled for all pages in https://ladybug.tools. You may also embed pages from https://codepen.io.

Here we go with a nice example of what you can do:

Spider / COVID-19 Viz 3D

  • Touch the screen to stop rotating
  • Two fingers or mouse wheel to zoom
  • Touch the bars to pop-up statistics

I will be writing in more detail about the Spider globe project in future posts.And now that we can view models in 3D in the forum, there will be more opportunity to demonstrate what the Spider tean can and is doing.


Not sure what they’re doing, but Antarctica’s pandemic strategy is clearly killing it.




If you were a virus, which destination would you prefer to swim in: McMurdo Sound or Rio de Janeiro Bay?