Spider / COVID-19 Viz 3D ~ web page updated 2020-03-28

The Spider team is pleased to announce a new web page.



stable version for 2020-03-28 ~ 4 charts to choose from - shows number of new cases per day and many more statistics

The concept of the web page is to show you the current COVID19 situation around the entire world in 3 seconds or less.

  • View the latest COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University GitHub repository with interactive 3D
  • Provide entry-level programming code anybody can copy and make better
  • Display all the data in seconds on any device then zoom and rotate and click to see the cases in 3D

Mentions with many comments

Why are there messages in the background?

An early visitor to our tracker raised this issue “Expressions of Hope
Oleg askeg “I wonder if we could show positive tweets and expressions of hope and gratitude for the courage of health workers around the world.”

What you see is our first attempt to give Oleg some delight.

  • Zoom out then rotate. Trying to read the messages on a phone is a little guessing game.
  • The text is huge and leaves much white space. This is so you are not totally distracted while looking at the data.

Nice work @TheoA! Watching that John Hopkins dataset tick upward for every country is fascinating.

If you haven’t already, you should consider posting this on https://news.ycombinator.com/news or some of the Reddit programming subreddits as well to get more contributers. (You’ll definitely find more javascript developers there).

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Thanks for the tips.

Here is a start: https://www.reddit.com/r/COVID19/comments/fkjby9/view_the_latest_covid19_numbers_from_around_the/

I needed to get a few more updates out before I felt confident to share widely.

Now that the current release is looking good I will start getting it out there.

A big new feature is that I am now using window.history.pushState() in order to have the address always point to the latest version without changing the address that you see.

this link should work forever - or thereabouts