Spider gbXML Viewer 'Maevia' v0.17.02 - latest features

Spider gbXML Viewer ‘Maevia’ v0.17.02

Here are 15 nice things you can do with ‘Maevia’ :

  1. Find errors in gbXML files and get them fixed for you with a click of a button
  2. Forget unzipping and zipping, Maevia does the work for you
  3. Open big files so fast, you won’t have time to think
  4. Find anything about any data in the gbXML with the click or two
  5. Cut sections, create exploded views and add text labels with a click or two
  6. Select from dozens of stylesheet themes or you roll your own
  7. Use Maevia on your mobile, tablet, laptop and workstation
  8. Run Maevia anywhere - local or on server - nothing to download or install
  9. Written in the plain vanilla JavaScript - easy to learn and easy to embed
  10. Keep your data in your browser - keep you data secure
  11. Become familiar with industry standards: gbXML, Three.js, WebGL, pkZip.js and more
  12. Interact with the Ladybug Tools / Spider team on GitHub
  13. Join BuroHappold, Perkins Will, CJK Engineering, NREL as happy Maevia users
  14. Support the move to free, open-source software, be a Maevia consultant, teacher or programmer
  15. Tell us: what do you want next? And what do we need to fix?
    You can find out more in the Read Me

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